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Vasonian ground vehicles

The Vasonian ground forces is a branch of the Vasonian Armed Forces. It was formed in 1872, right after it declared independence from the Republic of Astronia. It was one of the earliest countries to recognize the potential of the tank, and so was ready and well equipped with tanks when war eventually broke out with Astronia again in 1938; many people consider its use of tanks as one of the main factors of its eventually victory, which led to the treaty of Hekes, with Astronia ceding a considerable part of its territory to Vasonia. After the war, Vasonia continued to spend a lot of resources on researching tank technology, and as such has become one of the leading military powers in Korgia and the world.

Rank I
E2/30 Reserve (1.0)
Griffin Ⅰ Reserve (1.0) ,,
Rhino 1.3 ,,
A1/20 1.3 ,,
MAT-1 1.3 ,
TDV-3 1.3 ,
E3/40 1.7